About Us

About MPSC

Your care will be provided at one of Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers’ facilities located around Monterey Bay, California. Monterey Peninsula Surgery Centers (MPSC) is the largest locally-owned outpatient healthcare facility in California, performing nearly 17,000 surgical cases annually. MPSC is now the 6th largest provider of outpatient surgery in the state of California (behind 3 Kaiser hospitals, Stanford and UCLA).

Founded in 1982 by local surgeons desiring to offer outpatient surgery featuring excellent service, superior quality and lower, transparent pricing, today our partners include over 200 of the area’s finest surgeons, performing a wide variety of surgeries at five convenient locations. We specialize in same day procedures, low infection/complication rates, affordability and tremendous satisfaction. In fact, 99% of our patients would recommend our centers of excellence to friends or family.


  • 966 Cass Street
  • Suite 150, MONTEREY
  • 831.372.2169


  • 665 Munras Avenue
  • Suite 100, MONTEREY
  • 831.649.9300


  • 2 Upper Ragsdale Drive
  • Bldg B, Suite 160, MONTEREY
  • 831.333.4000


  • 2265 41st Avenue
  • 831.462.2252


  • 955 A Blanco Circle
  • 831.753.5800