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As rising US healthcare costs continue to wreak havoc on our national and personal finances, value-based care solutions such as "bundled payments" play a critical role in reigning in runaway spending. Bundled payments are the way of the future; unleashing open market forces on healthcare, triggering competition and transparency, and enabling patients to truly understand the cost of their care.

With our bundled payments, all medical fees are bundled into one; facility fees, surgeon, anesthesiology, medical supplies and ancillary services. It can also include 30 or 90 days of post operative care and re-insurance (stop loss) against hospitalization for other costly complications.

Patients receive total, "all-inclusive" pricing prior to surgery, enabling them to make informed decisions about their care. This transparent and cutting edge approach to fees allows us to provide you and your employees access to excellent surgical care at significant savings.

See our case study here detailing actual savings provided to a local employer.

Excellent surgical care with 40-60% reduced healthcare spend.

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